Consumer psychology: a view-changing insight

Lecture on consumer behavior and psychology changed my perspective on consumption overall. Being active consumers ourselves, we tend to believe that everyone around us would share the same values, aspire to similar brands and items.

Sense of belonging and being part of the ‘tribe’ is dominating in today’s consumer behavior. However, as a fashion manager, it is important to understand that my own views cannot be applied to the population. For example, while me and my classmates believe that Chanel N5 is the most aspirational perfume,  in reality, people are more influenced by Britney Spears than  a fashion icon like Chanel when it comes to choosing fragrance.  While I’m looking up to Angela Ahrendts and Mira Duma, 103 million Instagram followes are being inspired by Kim Kardashian.

An ability to be open to see the differences of consumer’s desires and patterns in their aspirations without filtering it through the glasses of personal likes and experiences becomes crucial when starting a business. Also learning about consumer culture impacted my work as I am now able to better understand consumer values and attitudes, thus being able to increase the performance of the brand I am working for. I believe that further learning and research on consumer psychology will help me in my future career as I aspire to start a fashion tech company after graduation. Knowledge of the needs of the audience is essential to any business, especially in a start-up environment.