Brand identity: applying the concept to experience

Learning about the concept of brand identity made me evaluate the luxury German brand I am working with, Dorothee Schumacher. As part of my job, I communicate closely with marketing managers of the company, thus forming an opinion on Dorothee Schumacher’s brand identity helped my understanding of my role and increased my performance when selling Schumacher’s collection to department store buyers.

Brand identity is an essential concept of branding. It increases the strengths of the bond between the brand and consumer, giving it emotional depth and enforcing attachment. It doesn’t excuse weakness of the product itself, but tends to make the brand less replaceable, thus a strong brand should be unique, superior and special (Zyman, 1999). Identity plays a key role in building the brand-customer relationship and establishing the position of the brand in consumers’ mind.

Dorothee Schumacher has recently gone through the re-positioning process. Maintaining consistency of the brand identity helped the company anticipate challenges and remain relevant to its target audience. Kapferer and Bastein (2012) suggested a framework for evaluation of brand identity traits. Figure 1 showcases the framework applied to Dorothee Schumacher based on my experience from working with the brand.

Figure 15: Kapferer brand identity prism for Dorothee Schumacher
Source: adapted from Kapferer and Bastein, 2012

It is always important to understand the core of the brand in order to communicate it to b2b clients and end consumer. I believe that having a thorough knowledge of brand building concepts with brand identity being the crucial one will help me in my future career when establishing my own business in fashion.



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